Spuhr ISMS Unimount

Spuhr ISMS Unimount

R7 000,00Price

of mounts feature seven set of interfaces to
attach any of more than 40 different
accessories, and has a bubble level
integrated in the rear plane of the mount
body to prevent canting of the rifle. The
rings are diagonally cut for increased
visibility of the elevation and windage turrets (US Patent 8,733,011).
The mounts are machined from billet 7075 T651 aluminum and all aluminum parts are hardcoat
anodized. The Torx 20 ring and clamping screws are zinc-nickel coated for corrosion resistance.
The screws come pre-waxed from the factory to ensure proper torque values.
The mount is shipped with a manual and a “wedge” leveling key.

Scope Tube Size

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